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Video: Bowfishing Wandering Mullet... | Long Con Day 14

Written By Angelo Bodetti on Wednesday, April 29, 2015 | Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I know I've been a little lazy with the posts, but I promise you I will pick it up! But just because I haven't posted doesn't mean I'm not shooting, fishing, chumming or doing any other nonsense outdoors.

Long Con Update:
As you know I have been working hard at fattening up the fish and getting them very comfortable around my dock (The Log Con), with that, I try not to shoot them and completely undo all the work I am doing... But I do allow myself to shoot Mullet, they don't eat the food that I feed the other and I'm almost positive their is an endless supply of Mullet and they will never leave...

So far so good. I can't get within 5 feet of the dock without a swarm of Catfish and Snapper checking out the noise and looking for food. I have also seen a Stingray during the day and several Tarpon at night at the Fish Light.

Anyway, here is a video of one that I shot the other day. There is a little water on the camera because 1 minute earlier I saw a massive Stringray flying by so I took a wild shot at it... and missed...

As always the fish was shot with my Cajun Sucker Punch bow that has an AMS Retriever Pro. The video was filmed with a GoPro Hero3 attached to a Muzzy Reel Seat.


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I am an avid technology nut as well as an outdoor enthusiast and lifelong wrestler. I teach myself how to do everything from making my own Hyperspin Arcade setup and use a bow for Bowfishing.


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