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Video: Mullet Fish Schooling in a Cape Coral (FL) Canal

Written By Angelo Bodetti on Wednesday, April 15, 2015 | Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Video: Mullet Fish Schooling in a Cape Coral (FL) Canal

This is a quick video of Mullet schooling towards the surface in my Cape Coral Canal. If you are familiar with Mullet and SW Florida - This is a very common scene. You can spot them because of the water movement and their white mouths that are constantly opening and closing.

I'm sure by now you may have seen my Bowfishing pictures and videos of me shooting Mullet. Schools like this almost make it too easy but is definitely a treat for any beginner Bowfisher.

Mullet make great bait and great eating (smoked). Many fisherman will throw a cast net onto a school like this. Catching them with a rod and reel is pretty hard.


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I am an avid technology nut as well as an outdoor enthusiast and lifelong wrestler. I teach myself how to do everything from making my own Hyperspin Arcade setup and use a bow for Bowfishing.


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