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Video: Tarpon Circling My Underwater Fish Light

Written By Angelo Bodetti on Thursday, April 16, 2015 | Thursday, April 16, 2015

Video: Tarpon Circling My Underwater Fish Light

This video was shot last night (4/15/15) at around 9 PM. I noticed a lot of activity at the light and figured I would check it out.

For the most part it was just hundreds of Minnows at the top and Catfish and Mullet eating off the light... But then I saw the big shinny fish which is a Tarpon.

This is the first Tarpon I've seen at the light in months which is exciting. It is either pure coincidence or directly related to "The Long Con" and the food I have been putting in the water lately...


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I am an avid technology nut as well as an outdoor enthusiast and lifelong wrestler. I teach myself how to do everything from making my own Hyperspin Arcade setup and use a bow for Bowfishing.


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