Review: Tournament Master Chum

Review: Tournament Master Chum

If you've been following "The Long Con" you would've seen that on Day 2 I decided to Chum as well as feed. I was thinking that the Chum would lure them in, the food would feed them and then the fish would get used to feeding in that spot.

I purchased 2 of these Tournament Master Chum blocks from Publix for around $8 each. You can see from the package that they are 7lbs each so $8 is an amazing deal.

As soon as I got home I opened the package and was very disappointed to see that the Chum block is standalone and is not in any sort of mesh that I could hang in the water (pictured below)

Tournament Master Chum Block

I'm assuming this is because they want you to thaw it and then ball it up... Either way, it's disappointing but not the end of the world. I tried to put it into an empty chum mesh bag that I had, but the block was far too big. Eventually I realized I had a minnow trap and decided to use that.

Turns out that a minnow trap is an excellent chumming device.

I was impressed with how long the block lasted but I was no impressed with the amount of fish that came over. I had a few random Catfish come check it out but it did not draw in Stingrays, Jacks or create any sort of "Frenzy".

In the Chum's defense, I did do a feeding earlier in the day and it is possible the fish were "full" and uninterested. I will try the second block of chum over the weekend and if there is any change in my opinion I will update this post.

SUMMARY: For $8 this is a very big, very solid Chum block that lasts a long time. Unfortunately it is not in a mesh bag and didn't draw in as many fish as I was hoping.