A Travel Guide for First-Time Visitors in NYC

A Travel Guide for First-Time Visitors in NYC

Well, which of you didn`t want to see the Big Apple with your own eyes, to inhale its true aroma, where all life is in full swing in circles day and night? This is an extraordinary place, famous for its mixed time architecture, with many modern attractions, viewing platforms and completely unimaginable places, which you might not even suspect.

       If you decide to review and explore all the delights of the city, then a private minibus with a personal driver is exactly what you need. Regardless of the weather and time of year, you will feel cozy and comfortable. The most interesting places are concentrated in different parts of the city. Thanks to a personal bus tour, you don`t have to change from a subway car to a crowded city bus, in search of a ticket or to ask a passerby: how to get here? A panoramic window will give you a living expanse of New York city bustle, thanks to which it is so famous. In addition, you can follow wherever you want, creating your own route, making the necessary stops at your own will. The main thing in advance is to book a charter rental bus in New York.

      What exactly do we recommend you to visit?

      Of course, you must make a stop on the way through the Midtown Manhattan, where the famous Rockefeller Center is located. You will be impressed by the power of imperturbable skyscrapers, because no video or photo can convey these feelings. Today, the Rockefeller Center is an outdoor exhibition museum, thanks to bas-reliefs, sculptures and frescoes. The observation deck Top of the Rock will reveal to you the indescribable beauty of a magnificent city.

       Moving on, you will be taken to the main square of Times Square, located in the middle of Manhattan Island, at the intersection of Broadway and Seventh Avenue. This is a very attractive and fascinating part of the city. It is full of life. There are a lot of theaters, museums and exhibitions, music halls, restaurants and cafes.

       For lovers of museums and art funs, we suggest visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art. Here are presented the most famous collection of expensive artists from post-impressionism to modern abstractionism. The American Museum of Natural History will surprise you no less. Here you can see a huge collection of ever-living creatures that inhabited our planet. Touch famous politicians and Hollywood pop legends at the Madame Tussauds museum.

You cannot miss the famous giant Empire State Building! Climb to the top of observation deck. These views of Manhattan cannot be described in words, it is amazing! It`s better to visit the building in the evening, when New York is completely immersed in the charming illumination of lights.

Take a walk through the charming Central Park. This is a favorite place of all New Yorkers, and even cinema. Almost every fifth film filmed in the city was involved here. On the territory there are a lot of quiet romantic places, including Belvedere Castle, Delacorte Theater, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir.

New York is an unimaginable city. This is a dream city, assembled bit by bit from nothing, where there is everything that is not found anywhere else. It is full of emotions, full of impressions. We want to introduce you New York as closely as possible. Our company Comfort Express in New York https://comfortexpressinc.com/ guarantees you a first-class trip, full of impressions of the amazing diversity of the Big Apple. Our guests are always satisfied and look forward to a new meeting.

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