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Today (April 13th, 2015) I started a project that I have dubbed “The Long Con”. Essentially – I am going to feed and chum the same area (pictured) in my canal at the same times every day.

By doing this I am hoping that I will:

  • Get the fish comfortable with being around my dock. Once they are comfortable I am hoping they will stick around regardless of if they are being fed or not.
  • Get the fish big. With the consistent food I am expecting my small to medium sized Snapper and Catfish to become very large.
  • Attract different kinds of fish. Currently we have a lot of Catfish, Mangrove Snapper & Mullet. Occasionally you will see a few Jacks fly by very quickly. I’ve seen 1 Stingray and 1 Alligator Gar in 2 years. At night at the Underwater Fish Light you will see the occasional Lady Fish, Snook and smaller Tarpon.

Once I have many different types of very large and very comfortable fish I am hoping that:

  • When guests come over we will have a real life aquarium with schools of fish waiting to get fed. I want to create a similar experience to Tarpon Feeding at Robbie’s in the Keys. 
  • My Bowfishing experiences and opportunities will get bigger and better. There’s only so many Mullet that you can possible shoot without getting bored. Currently the majority of Snapper are too small to shoot and if I do see a Jack it isn’t around long enough to take a shot. With the consistent feeding hopefully larger fish will stick around longer.

I will be chronicling “The Long Con” daily (if it’s warranted) with pictures, videos and update. Check the blog daily for posts or search for “The Long Con” to catch-up.


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