Best 8 Person Tent You Have to Know

Why camp alone when you could have some serious fun time with a group of friends, colleagues, and loved ones all enjoying the cool natural environment?!

There are several reasons to camp out with family and friends, and what better way to camp out with many folks than large enough tents capable of containing say 8?

If you are seriously considering the option, then you should check out our extensive info on the best 8 person tent available and highlights of the best in the class.

Bring out the fun in multi-camping or a comfy single camping!

There are few times you’d like to camp out alone, and while it’s sometimes fun, group camping doesn’t fail to thrill the expedition campers. If you are heading out and would love to have a swell time at camp with a group of folks, you might want to get the perfect fit for all your entire crew so opt for a tent that fits. If however you are hell bent on camping alone, you could still go for a comfy tent to have your piece of quiet and privacy.

If you are stuck between the above two options, you are in luck as this full review and general information about the best 8 person tent would help you find the perfect tent which is sure to fit your group of campers or a lone camper looking for a swell, comfortable time out in woods.

Types of 8 person tent

Once you’ve made up your mind to go for an 8-person tent, there are certain things you should do things you should have at the back of your mind about this class of tents, including that there are several types of an 8 person tent. Careful study and consideration of the properties of each type of camping tent are important to enable you to decide if the camping tent is worth buying.

Although most of the tents offer assured privacy, comfortable and protective shelter against the elements, others are not recommended for a pleasant time out camping. Also, some of these tents are quite easy to setup, while others are not as much.

The several types of tents

  • Instant or quick setup tent
  • Fundamental ridge tent
  • 3 season tent
  • Convertible tent

Instant or quick setup tent: Like the name implies, the instant or quick setup tents are made by various manufacturers to be convenient and easy to setup without many gimmicks. These instant tents or quick setup tents are usually made of materials which are coiled, extended or in jump frame and are completely immersed in tent’s casing material. These tents are reeled up and unloaded by a simple stretch or twisting of the framework of the tent pack.

Fundamental Ridge Tent: These tents are known for their notoriety to maintain a static position no matter the kind of weather conditions they are faced with. They also are quite easy to setup, although not as easy as the instant or quick setup tents. They are of various sizes too from the petite one person tents down to large marquees capable of housing over 8 persons. On the downside, the fundamental ridge tents have low head height. This could be inconveniencing if you plan to ‘be free’ and walk around your tent. If however you just plan to sleep in the tent, then it could serve just fine.

3 Season Tent: The three seasons tents are made to carry with you for three seasons. If you plan to stay warm, comfortable, cozy and dry from spring to drop, then they are your best bet. However, they are not very good with snow as they are not built to withstand heavy snowfall, so it’s best to avoid using them for camping in the snow. 3 season tents are usually quite well ventilated and protected with various meshes which help campers stay cool and safe by letting in cool air and repelling insects.

Convertible Tent: The convertible tents are also another great set of tents and work quite well in all camping weather conditions. These tents come with a hybrid function such as a vestibule, well-designed poles, and rain fly. These convertible tents are quite comfortable to use in any environment so that you won’t be missing your home so much. On the flip side, the convertible tents are quite bulky, usually more than other camping tent models; this is due to their hybrid functions making them versatile and able to use in any weather elements.

How to set up eight person tent?

Setting up an 8 person (large family sized tent) could be tricky; although there are a few instant 8-person tents which Coleman leads the way in the offering. The easiest and best way of setting up an eight-person tent is to follow these instructions;

  • The first step is to choose a site that’s level and free of extraneous materials like sticks, stones, rocks and other forms of debris.
  • The next step is to spread out the tent on the floor where you intend setting up. Ensure the door sides are facing up, and then unzip the entire doors.
  • Have the tent poles extended, with each section pulled out and fit into the metal ferrules allocated? Remember to start the setup process from the middle to reduce the tension faced by the internal string.
  • Check to see if the center hub which is located on the center roof of the tent is already attached. If it isn’t, attach it with a shook.
  • Use one of the available tent poles and slide through any of the sleeve openings on the tent wall to hold the center hub opening. Carry out same process with other tent poles.
  • Once you are done with that, go inside the tent and have the roof lifted using the center hub. Have another adult help with holding the tent inside while you work on fixing it well from outside.
  • Have the tents attached to the pole frame? Use the provided plastic clips (if any) to hold the tent walls with the poles. If no plastic clips are available, rather Velcro straps included, and then use the Velcro straps to hold put the tent’s pole frame.
  • Use stakes to hold down the tent by inserting the available tent stakes into the available stake loops placed at every of the tent’s corner. Use a hammer to hit the stakes into the ground.

Have the rain fly attached by placing it over the tent. Then use the hooks made available to hold put the rain fly corners to each metal rings situated at the corners of the tent. If there’s an additional fly pole available for the rain fly, have it slid through the sleeve at the edge of the rain fly awning. Have the pole ends inserted into grommets located on each side of the door?

Tips for finding a good, cheap tent (at least an eight person tent)

Finding a good tent especially if you are on a budget and seeking a large enough tent capable of housing up to 8 people can be difficult. However, if you go through some routine considerations like what weather you would use the tent in,

how easy to setup and use the tents you are considering are, what sort of materials are the tents made of – bearing in mind that tent materials are of two types; canvas (cotton) or nylon (polyester).

Also, the canvas is usually water resistant although tend to get heavier when water logged. Nylon, on the other hand, is water resistant, but sunlight causes them to deteriorate with time.

Going for a cheap tent doesn’t mean you should go for a tent with the lowest quality. Try to find tents which are well ventilated, even with the rain fly on. Also, check to confirm that their vents are well placed to avoid issues such as condensation which would see you wake up in a soaked tent.

The price point of the tent cannot be over emphasized. If you are looking for a good tent, always weigh your options and compare with your budget. Have a ready budget which you’d like to work with to not only snag a great tent but an affordable one.

Is it arrogant of me to use an 8 person tent while camping alone?

While this question evokes thought, it’s a straightforward query. The answer is a resounding NO!. If you love your comfort and privacy, you could have your piece and quite in an 8-person tent. As long as you can afford it and would like to camp alone, nothing stops you from going for what you want. It also doesn’t make you look arrogant.

Are there 6 – 8 person tents that can stand up to a hardcore rain storm without getting the occupants wet?

Sure! There are quite a lot of them.

What types of the tent are good for eight people in a sand filled camping site. Also, the tent should be a little light?

If you plan on camping with a lot of people, say around 6-8 in total then you could find a worthy eight person tent to camp in. A very ideal eight person tent should have two room compartments and very spacious enough to contain Queen sized beds.

If you feel an 8-person tent won’t comfortably fit all your camping buddies, then you could opt for a 10-person tent instead. Ensure your tent is waterproof with either a GoBe Dry system or better to keep moisture out when it rains. Don’t forget to check if the weight is what you can drag around. This review has a few of the best tents which are fitting for a sand filled camp site, lightweight, easy to setup and spacious tents.

Review of The Best 8 Person Tent

Getting into the full detailed information of the best 8 person tent, this list of the five (5) best 8-person tent are the most widely acclaimed which are fitting for any thrill seeking camper who’s planning to head out of their house and have fun either alone in a very spacious camp or with some group of friends and family.

8 person tents are a great way to have all your family and friends tucked in safely and secured instead of having multiple small tents setup.

1. Coleman Evanston Screened Tent

Coleman’s Evanston screened tent is unarguably one of the best 8 person tents in the market today.

This 8 person tent measures 15 x 12 feet with a center height of 72 inches.

It’s made with a high-grade polyester material that’s designed with a weathered system guaranteed to keep you dry no matter the weather.

Ventilation is provided by 4 large windows and the front porch is fully screened to ensure all bugs and insects are kept at bay.


  • One of the very important advantages of the Coleman Evanston screened tent is its ability to be setup quite easily. Can be setup by one person but best setup by two people.
  • The tent is very spacious and allows free movement within the tent, as the head height limit is quite high.
  • Very well ventilated with 4 large window openings in the tent. Camping with this tent should see you sweat less.
  • It’s one of the best tents for camping in the desert, as it’s quite roomy.
  • The front porch is fully screened which would keep you free from bugs and insect bites while camping.
  • It’s made of a high quality polyester material which is not only tough but withstands the elements.
  • Capable of withstanding heavy downpours and terrestrial rains.


  • A heavy rainstorm would likely get your items at the front porch wet as that portion is not meant for thunderstorms due to the fact that the screen does not zip up, and there are no coverings.
  • Due to the exact fitting of the top tent cover, it might be problematic since there’s no extra materials left for wiggling. If the back window could be slightly exposed if the front screen is not properly fixed.

2. Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

The Wenzel 8 person family dome Klondike tent is another outstanding tent to house a large group of campers.

This dome shaped tent has two rooms which are spacious and offers ultra privacy. It’s a very effective camping tent for going out camping in strong winds or heavy downpours.

The Klondike dome tent is made of polyester which repels water, so you are assured of a dry stay no matter how hard the terrestrial rains pour.


  • The Wenzel Klondike dome tent is pretty easy to set up and doesn’t require a lot of man power to get it standing.
  • The screen room has a nice floor and can be zipped close to make it another cool room for sleeping in. It can also be used as a sun room.
  • There’s plenty of room to go around and very convenient to walk around in not minding your height, thanks to the above average head height limit.
  • The tent is made of water repelling polyester and coated with polyurethane for a nice water free camping expedition.
  • The tent has a nice screen roof to have a nice view of skies while you sleep.
  • There are lots of windows for ventilation.
  • The tent’s construction is well made, and very sturdy.


  • The windows can’t be fully zipped closed, so if there’s a high wind, there’s a probability of them being blown open.
  • Due to the large interior and the open roofs, it tends to get very cold during the night. You probably should come with lots of blankets and maybe camp out only during hot nights.
  • The tent is very heavy, so you won’t want to be dragging a 26 pounds tent up the hill.
  • Due to its very large size, it might be very difficult to find the perfect camping spot with level ground to accommodate the entire tent’s bulk on a level field.

3. Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent

Coleman has come a long way in tent making and the Montana 8-person tent is another masterpiece for a group of campers looking to stay cozy in a relatively decent tent.

Made with polyester material, this tent infuses a WeatherTec system that features patented welded floors and inverted seams which help keep water out from the tent.

It also has detachable rain fly for protection against the elements and a mesh roof to allow more sunlight to the tent.

The tent is quite easy to setup and takes just about 15 minutes to setup by savvy campers.


  • The Coleman Montana tent has a unique cabin design which has specially made angled windows to help keep rain out even when the said windows are open.
  • There are electrical access ports added to the tents to bring tech on the go while camping.
  • Uses a patented weathertec system with welded floors and inverted seams that prevents water from coming in.
  • It’s made of high quality polyester that’s perfect for withstanding the elements.
  • Setup process is quite easy and straight to the point.
  • There’s a provided interior gear pocket to help keep all your small items and gear safe and easy to find.
  • It’s a bit tall once setup, so you could walk around in it without bending over.


  • It can get really hot in the tent when the rain fly is fixed, and if it’s absent it could get really cold. If there are high winds, then you would need to make do with the rain fly, meaning enduring a stuffy tent.

4. Coleman 2000018295 8-Person Instant Tent

Another Coleman tent worthy of mention is the 2000018295 instant tents. These tents are made of high quality 150D polyester materials.

The tent features seven (7) large screened windows and two (2) doors which provides a good view of the environment, and ventilation as well while keeping insects and bugs out.

The tent is quite heavy at about 35 pounds; it’s not what you’d like to drag up a mountain. The highlight of the tent is the instant setup.


  • The tent is made in USA by Coleman, a highly revered camping tents and gears manufacturer.
  • The tent is very spacious with room to comfortably house two Queen Air beds.
  • The WeatherTec system of the tent uses thick waterproof walls and welded floors to ensure you are free from disturbances during heavy downpour.
  • The tent is highly ventilated with 7 windows and 2 doors for maximum air distribution.
  • Bugs and insects are off limit with the large screened doors and windows of the tent.
  • The tent is tall enough at 6 feet 5 inches to allow for movement within the tent.


  • It’s rather bulky, weighing about 35 pounds.

5. Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent

The last on the list of our best 8 person tents is the Coleman red canyon tent.

Made using Coleman’s WeatherTec system that guarantee’s you a dry time camping even in unexpected rain/wet weather.

The tent is also easy to setup and has enough space with included room dividers to make for up to 3 separate rooms.


  • It’s relatively easy to setup and mount. There are shock-corded poles and assembly instructions which are easy to follow to help guide you.
  • It’s one of the cheapest 8 person tents on the market.
  • The weatherTec system guarantees a dry camping experience, even in the face of rumbling thunderstorm.
  • The tent has dividers to create several rooms (up to 3 rooms).


  • For its price point, the Coleman red canyon is a tent without issues.

Rounding Up!

Choosing the best 8 person tent is not far-fetched. This list is a good starting point for choosing your perfect 8 person tent for your family or group camping expedition.

The Coleman Evanston screened tent is a rather top choice on the list for its prowess in outdoor camping needs. Its large windows and fully screened doors ensure you are well ventilated, yet well protected from all bugs and insects.

Comparing the Evanston tent with the Klondike tent, the Evanston has sturdily built windows which can take heavy rainfall and zips fully while the Klondike tent doesn’t zip fully and strong winds could probably blow it open.

Overall, the Coleman Evanston screened tent exceeds all tests to be crowned the best 8 person tent for family or group camping!

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