Hi! I’m Mike and my love of the outdoors has motivated me to help other people navigate the wilderness by writing about tips and tricks to keep in mind.

My love of the outdoors began when I was a little boy and continues on to today. I still remember visiting beautiful forests and wonderful waterfalls with my parents. Those times exploring out in nature built a love of being outdoors that continues to this day.

Having grown up enjoying the outdoors, I am a country boy after all, I know that being underprepared to head out there can lead to some major headaches. Whether you forget your favorite multi-tool or water gets in the coffee, one minor accident can lead to a ruined weekend. That is why I’ve created my blog about camping to help make sure that nobody has to have a bad day if they make the proper preparations.

I personally love to camp, there is nothing better then the serene nature of a campground experience. As an avid star gazer I have found that some of the clearest skies can be found on a campground, far away from the lights of the city. The feeling of going on a hike and having a doe only feet from you with her fawn is really an unforgettable experience and you only get those if you get outdoors!

So I will try my best to give you information that is useful, but also practical, to help you have a great camping experience!

Hope you enjoy it,