5 Of The Best Skiing Destinations In Korea

“Winter is coming.” The words of the fictional Stark House from the Game of Thrones resonates even in the real world.

Winter may come with a terrible weather, but there are lots of fun outdoor activities you can only try in the winter time. One of the events you shouldn’t miss out is skiing in Korea!

We’ve saved you a lot of research and rounded up 5 of The Best Skiing Destinations in Korea. So sit back, relax, and read on!

1. Konjam Ski Resort

The modern Konjiam Resort is just less than an hour away from the Gangnam area of Seoul, which makes it a go-to ski resort for urban dwellers for its proximity.

The state of the art facilities of the resort – large-scale slopes, high-rise condominiums, restaurants, spas, premium resorts, ecological rivers, and arboretum captivate locals and tourists from around the world.

Konjiam Ski Resort
The beautiful slope of the Konijiam Ski Resort.

The resort is beginner and family-friendly- The majority of the resort’s slopes are for beginners, intermediate skiers, senior citizens, and snowboarders.

An exclusive feature of the Konjiam Resort is their flexible “Me-time” ski pass where you can choose your ski or snowboard schedule instead of purchasing a day-specific pass which is common in most ski resorts.

Moreover, the resort limits their visitors to a maximum of 7000 a day to avoid crowding and to ensure every skier gets the ultimate skiing experience.

Whether it’s your first time or not, the nine ski slopes of long and short distances will guarantee an excellent time in Konjiam Resort.

2. Phoenix Park

Lodged high up on the Taegisan Mountain, just two hours away from Seoul, the nation’s capital, Phoenix Park Ski Resort is a delight for skiers and non-skiers alike.

Aside from the tranquil beauty of the place, you can also enjoy the exceptional facilities of the resort such as its hotels, condominiums, bowling alleys, indoor water parks, spas and its golf course.

Phoenix Ski Resort
Early winter at the Phoenix Ski Resort.

If you are a food lover headed to the Phoenix Park, you have come to the right place. There’s the famous Mount Blanc restaurant at the peak of the mountain where you can dine peacefully and oversee the high Taegisan Mountain.

Moreover, there are different cuisine food outlets at the foot of the mountain, including Starbucks Coffee and Dominos Pizza. I bet you’ll love your unique dining experience here!

Since the resort is elevated 700m above sea level, expect towering mountains surrounding the skin site. These mountains are the main reason why the resort is a natural ski place – the numerous slopes came from nature, and they are utilized to provide an outstanding skiing experience.

Overall, the resort has 22 ski slopes, with 12 of its slopes accredited for international competitions. The resort is also renowned for the Extreme Park, a snowboarding park complete with a half-pipe, tabletop, round quarter, and rails.

For skiers to conveniently access the slopes, the resort operates an 8-person gondola and lifts. Lastly, the resort has a ski school for those wanting to learn the art of skiing and for those seeking to improve their skills.

3. Yongpyong Ski Resort

The huge 17 million sqm. Yongpyong Ski Resort rests at the Baekdudaegan Mountain Range in Pyeongchang, just 200 km east of Seoul.

Yong Pyong Ski Resort
People skiing at the Yong Pyong Ski Resort.

Amassing 250 cm of snowfall per season, this ski resort is loved by many for its excellent skiing conditions. The Yongpyong Ski Resort started the popularization of the skiing sport in Korea.

The resort is one of the first ski resorts in Korea, providing 31 ski slopes for ski enthusiasts to dig in. Aside from the hefty ski slopes, top-notch facilities such as the resort’s hotels, golf courses, round-trip gondolas, 14 lifts, indoor swimming pool, and a youth hostel makes the recreational ski resort an excellent getaway destination for families and travelers.

4. Alpensia Ski Resort

The Alpensia Resort earned its name from the German words ‘alpen’ (Alps) and ‘Asia’ which perfectly emulates the resort’s revered view of the “fantastic Alps of Asia.’

Located on a heaven-blessed area ringed by the Daegwallyeong Mountain Range, The Alpensia Ski Resort sits beautifully in the Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do leisure complex and welcomes tourists all year round.

Standing at 1.5 million sqm., the Alpensia Resort Alpensia offers six slopes for ski and snowboard enthusiasts to revel in.

The long distance hills provide a lively experience for both newcomers and seasoned skiers. They also teach skiing basics to beginners! There’s also an exclusive area for professional skiers and snowboarders to practice their craft.

Alpensia Ski Resort

The whole family will surely enjoy the resort as they can pass the time in the resort’s luxurious convention center, sky lounge, shopping mall, golf course, and indoor water park. You can also take the children in the ecology learning center for a fruitful learning experience.

If you want more out of the holiday season than just skiing in the resort, you can drop by the nearby attractions adjacent to the resort such as the Samyang Sheep Ranch, Lee Hyo-Seok Literature Museum, and the Korea Botanic Garden.

5. High1 Ski Resort

High1 Ski Resort

Also located in the Gangwon-do region, the High1 Ski Resort is a large resort and one of the front-runners of ski resorts in Korea, along with the Yong Pyong Ski Resort.

The highly acclaimed resort is famous for its long distance (and dizzying) slopes which start from the peaks of the Jijang Mountain (1,345m), Valley Top (1,376m) and Mountain Hub (1,250m).

The difficulty levels of the courses vary from beginners to experienced skiers. Skiing newcomers recommend this ski resort because their slopes are mostly linear and the inclination is low, which is just perfect for beginners.

The ski resort also boasts the most advanced gondola and lift system. Two of the resort’s gondolas travel as high as 2.5km, and it is the only ski resort in the entire Korea that can operate three gondolas.

Moreover, their lift systems consist of three gondolas that can carry a maximum of 8 people, six 6-person gondolas and 4-person chair lifts with automatic sensor systems. The High1 Ski Resort is known to build convenient amenities for people with special needs and disabilities.

The resort also offers other recreational activities such as sleigh riding and golf coursing. Adults can also have fun doing some gambling and table games at the Kangwon Land Casino located at the foot of the High1 Ski Resort.

There’s no better skiing resort than those in Korea!

Now that you know the best skiing destinations in Korea, the next step is to choose which of the five ski resorts will you visit – perhaps, you can try five of them because… why not? You can only ski in the winter so try to make the best out of it! Also, don’t forget your ski jackets, thermal clothes, and your precious camera, it’s freezing out there. Have a great snow holiday!

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