Here Are The Best Surfing Destinations In California

Embedded in the California culture is surfing. Residents in this part of the US are known to be great surfers, so a lot of tourists often go to California to experience its waves. That’s why it’s no surprise that its southern region is the Surfing Capital of the US

If you are on the lookout for the best surfing spot on the West Coast, then you’ll enjoy the iconic sand and the most raved about waves of the Sunny State.

But then where exactly should you go? What beaches are for beginners? For master surfers? Keep on reading and find out the perfect destination for you.

Ready, Beach, Go!

The 1,264-mile coastline of California boasts of having over 1000 beaches as profiled by The overwhelming number of beaches in this part of the US gives both local and foreign surfers a hard time finding the best surfing spot to go.

Here, we have rounded up five of the best surfing spots in California from top surfing sites to guide you on your surfing adventure in the West Coast.

1. Malibu Surfrider Beach

Malibu Surfrider Beach is practically synonymous to California surfing. According to Surfer Today, this is the ultimate surf spot for everyone with its iconic waves, warm sand, and all the amazing people walking the beach from all across the globe.

Visiting this Malibu beach is best during the summer as it offers optimum conditions for surfing. Its winds blow from the north, and the best swell direction is from the southwest as reported by the Surf-Forecast website.

2. Maverick Beach

If big waves are what you like, then head over to Maverick beach. Its world famous waves in Half Moon Bay can swell up to 5 meters, so it is no surprise that this is the site for the annual big wave surfing competition that happens during the months of November until March.

Up for some big killer waves? Head on over a quarter-mile offshore from the bluff top viewing areas outside the Air Force military installation on Pillar Point. says that there is an enormous white ball that makes this area.

However, Maverick Beach is more for the experienced surfers. The water is reported to reach cold temperature, and that is infested with sharks.

3. El Porto Beach

Not an experienced surfer but traveling with an advanced level friend? Then head on to El Porto beach located in Manhattan Beach. It is recognized as one of the most chill surfing spots in the Los Angeles County. Locale Magazine recommends El Porto Beach as a great place for surfers for all skill levels. It has consistent waves and gives easy access to the beach’ hot tourist destinations for all its visitors.

Plus, for the beginner surfers, there are a variety of local businesses like Campsurf that offers paddleboard lessons for both group and individuals. But for the more advanced level surfer, El Porto offers large waves that naturally occurs because of the underwater canyon.

4. Huntington City Beach

Known as “Surf City, USA” Huntington Beach is a mainstay for both local and foreign surfers. This beach is the center of a long stretch of sandy water, offering perfect hollow waves all year round, even if other spots along the coast are flat. That’s why a lot of big time surfers are residents of this beach.

Want to try the big swells that Huntington Beach is famous for? Try visiting during the winter as the waves are larger compared to summer, and the summer crowd is long gone, according to Surfing Waves.

Tip: Visit Huntington Beach from July 29 to August 6, 2017, if you want to experience US Open Surfing sponsored by The Vans. This event is the world’s largest surf competition and lifestyle festival. Thousands of people go to this event every summer to witness the best surfers in the world to compete for the World Surf League qualifier.

However, make sure that you book your flight and hotel in advance. We were not kidding when we said that thousands of people flock here to witness this annual surfing event.

5. Ocean Beach

While there are a lot of surfing beaches in South California, its northern counterpart also has pristine beaches for surfers. Ocean Beach is both an iconic and challenging surf spot with a vast stretch that many surfers go to, to up their skills. states that this beach is still one of the hardest waves to conquer in the world.

Though it boasts of hard to surpass waves, Ocean Beach has a variety of swells and delivers tantalizingly well-shaped tubes over a sandy bottom according to Surfer Today. On special days of the year, the waves average 8-15 feet waves, which consistently excites wave thumpers.

Surf’s Up!

Each California beach mentioned offers a unique experience for both newbies and expert surfers. It is indeed a challenge to choose one out of the overwhelming number of surf spots that California has to offer, but this list is a good place to start.

Are you a beginner? Malibu Surfrider Beach, El Porto Beach, and Huntington Beach are great spots for surfing newbies to experience the wonderful world of the surfers. The waves of these beaches are just right for anyone like you to try.

With the help of your surfer friend, or with a readily available professional surfing school like Campsurf in El Porto Beach, conveniently placed in the area, you might just be an expert surfer at the end of your trip.

Are you looking for a wild surfing adventure? Maverick, Huntington, and Ocean Beach cater to your thirst for wild waves. Just make sure you have your proper gear with you. If not, you can always shop for them at Surf Destination a cool online store that has everything you need.

So go on, ready your gears and start surfing!

Have you been to the beaches listed above? Place your comments and suggestion below. We love hearing about your experiences!

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