Ireland Is A Feast For The Senses: When Is The Best Time To Visit Ireland?

Ireland is a dream place for nature enthusiasts and fans of the great outdoors. Even if you’re not the outdoorsy type of person, Ireland will make you one. With its staggering cliffs, pristine beaches, grand heritage houses, and unspoiled nature, Ireland is a booming tourist destination for the past generations and the years to come. So, when is the best time to visit Ireland?

It’s hard to choose the best time to visit Ireland because the place is extravagantly beautiful all year-round. Though the climate is relatively temperate, tourism is different for each season.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Ireland?


Summer’s a peak season because of the crisp and dry weather which is perfect for backpacking and strolling. The days aren’t scorching hot because the weather in Ireland is relatively temperate.

Also, the days are longer (the sun rises at 6AM and sets at 10PM) thus tourists have more time to explore attractions and experience the true Irish way of life. Unfortunately, the accommodation, hotel, and flight costs are quite high and most attractions are crowded.


A visit to Ireland in the winter season is so much different from summer. Prices and rates reach rock bottom, and you’ll get value for your money. However, winter brings torrential rains and heavy winds which are quite unpleasant and uncomfortable for tourists.

Also, some famous attractions, restaurants, and shops closes during this season. In contrast to other European countries, snow is rare in Ireland so don’t expect to find winter activities such as snowboarding, ice skating and the likes.

Spring And Fall

Ah, spring and fall are the best seasons for a trip to Ireland. The weather’s a mixed one during these seasons – it rains on some days while in most days, it’s dry and hot. Typically, the sun’s just around the corner after a few good hours of mild rain.

A good thing about touring during these seasons is the reduced prices and rates compared to the summer months. Yay, more money for traveling then! Attractions also receive fewer crowds during these seasons.


If you’ve already chosen what season is the most suitable for you to travel, you must also bear in mind to pack layers of clothing because the weather in Ireland’s a bit unpredictable. Rain is an Irish staple so always bring your umbrella or raincoat.

The Best Destinations In Ireland You Shouldn’t Miss

If you’re a lover of ancient history and preserved natural places, Ireland’s the place for you. The best attractions in Ireland have got to be the unadulterated, natural landscapes of the country.

1. Boyne Valley (Brú na Bóinne)

Boyne Valley is a World Heritage Site where important historical monuments rest. The center of attraction in this place is the ancient tombs of Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth that appear as gigantic megalithic rocks. The tombs are older than the Stonehenge and the Pyramid of Giza.

The Newgrange passage tomb in Boyne Valley
The Newgrange passage tomb in Boyne Valley

If you’re planning to visit Ireland during the winter, make sure to include this place on your list. Every 21st of December, the winter solstice illuminates the roof of the tombs for every spectator in the area. I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t in awe of the spectacular event.

2. Ring Of Kerry

Have you watched the “Lord of the Rings”? The movie featuring numerous towering castles, ancient massive monuments and sculptures, luscious forests, colorful villages, and pristine water bodies? Of course except for dragons and orcs – Yes, the Ring of Kerry is exactly like a scene from that movie.

The Ring of Kerry Glorious
Isn’t The Ring of Kerry Glorious?

I think you’ve seen this place you just don’t know the name because it’s been displayed in many postcards and advertisements for Ireland. The natural beauty and dramatic sceneries of the Ring of Kerry draw tourists from all over the globe.

You’ll be amazed and genuinely overwhelmed by the seemingly endless beautiful sites in every twist and turn.

Are you impressed yet? Well, don’t be because the place still has so much to offer, especially its delectable dishes and cheeses. Most restaurants in the area offer a variety of local cheeses, unique seafood, homemade pastries, and wines.

Oh, there are also pubs in the area too! The place will wear your feet and body, but it will compensate you with its heavenly food and beverages.

3. The Cliffs Of Moher

The impressive Cliffs Of Moher
The impressive Cliffs Of Moher.

The Cliffs of Moher seems to be the most breathtaking region of Ireland’s coastline. The cliff stretches for miles and has an elevation of 702 meters above sea level. The iconic cliff features four attractions, namely the Aran Islands, The Twelve Pins, Galway Bay, and the Maum Turk Mountains.

It’s easy to lose yourself and just stare blankly for a few good hours while basking in the vast beauty of this place. Also, try standing on the edge of the cliffs for an adrenaline-rushing and one-of-a-kind experience.

In fact, the iconic place garners close to a million tourists annually. Although tourists flock to the place, the cliffs remain unspoiled up to this time. Truly, the Cliffs of Moher is one of the destinations you shouldn’t miss on your Ireland visit.

4. The Giant’s Causeway

The Giant’s Causeway is a famous attraction in Northern Ireland. The place features 40,000 strong basalt columns caused by a great volcanic eruption millions of years ago.

the giant’s causeway northern ireland
Walking on the causeway is one of the greatest experiences one can have.

The rugged columns intrigues and inspires tourists as they stroll along the mysterious causeway. To walk along the surface of the causeway is like a voyage back in time.

5. Conclusion

Ireland is one of the few places on Earth that offers a feast to the eyes and senses. It’s an escape from the busy modern life, and it will truly make you one with nature. The stunning landscapes of the country will give you peace and renewed appreciation for natural beauty.

A good thing about Ireland is it’s not as famous as other European tourist destinations such as Paris, Britain, Italy, etc. thus it’s not as commercialized and spoiled like many. Ireland is a dream place for people who have a penchant for the laid-back life and historic natural sceneries.

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