5 Best Hammock For Camping In 2021

So you are going camping, and you are deliberating using a hammock for sleeping in the regular camping tents? This article should put you in line with the best hammock for camping and all the benefits that come with using a hammock.

So, what’s a hammock?

A hammock is a bed or couch usually made of canvas, netted cord or rope mesh, and suspended in mid-air, held by cords at both ends. A hammock is used for relaxation, swinging or sleeping and is a unique camping gear.

Hammocks – useful piece of craftiness

Now that we’ve covered what a hammock is let’s talk about this useful piece of craftiness and how it could be very beneficial to you.

Camping periods are meant to be bonding periods. Camping out with family or friends require you to stick together and do things in unison. The hammock is one piece of craftiness that could come in handy if you are going camping with little kids.

Since it can be used as a swing, you could easily bond with your kids and have them swinging from the hammock all day.

Let’s talk about a few general facts, questions and other tidbits you’d probably want to know about the hammock and if you should consider it for your camping needs.

So which is it? A hammock or a tent…?

Most of us grew up camping in tents, and while the experience was quite fun and enjoyable, hammocks have come a long way in overthrowing tents as the most fun way of camping. Hammocks are lighter to carry around making them more comfortable than camping tents.

Also, there are several gears which accompany hammocks to make your stay in them fun and cool like the tarps, rain fly, mosquito nets and much more. Let’s not forget that hanging while sleeping is ultra cool!

Quick questions: Is it safe to sleep in a hammock while camping? Are camping hammocks safe for long term use?

Sure! You protected from bites from ants, and several other insects. Also, there are accessories to ensure you are protected against elements like weather (rain fly and tarps). You are as safe as you’d be in a tent in a hammock.

Also, quality hammocks can last for several years and so are pretty much very safe for long term use. Just proper maintenance should be followed and careful usage.

Benefits of Hammock Camping

It’s no news that Hammock camping is beneficial. Camping with hammocks have many benefits including;

  • Relaxation: Hammock Camping lets you relax better, sleep better and survey your environments.
  • Weight: The weight of the hammock is also of paramount importance. Since most hammocks are easy to carry, you won’t have to stress yourself dragging an excessively heavy gear.
  • Budget: If you are on a budget, then hammock camping would suit you better. Most hammocks are relatively cheaper than tents.
  • Easy Setup: You can’t talk about camping without the setup. Hammocks are usually far easier to setup than tents. They can also be setup in just about anywhere be it better trees or near a mountain.
  • Accessories: Hammocks come with a wide assortment of accessories to make your camping fun and enjoyable. From tarps to mosquito nets, down to rain fly, you can add just the additional accessory you need for your camping trip.

Things to consider before buying the best camping hammocks

Of course, you have to take certain things into consideration before you decide on getting yourself and your family a hammock for that camping expedition.

There are a lot of these things you should consider like;

Type of Hammock

We all know that hammocks are of various types. The most common of these types are the;

i. Parachute nylon hammocks which are some of the most durable types out there. They are also resistant to the elements. Comfortable is something you get with these hammocks as they can stretch a bit.

If you are planning to spend several nights in a row, then they are most recommended.

ii. The expedition hammocks are another type of hammocks available. They are usually made for expeditions as the name suggested and made with some very high-end materials to ensure that your backpacking excursions are not just fun but very secure.

These hammocks also come with several kinds of accessories like mosquito nets, extra guy-lines, and rainfly.

iii. There are the Ultralight hammocks which are made to be compact with very light materials. These types of hammocks are designed for hiking trips requiring light backpacks. They are not ideally made to be comfortable.

Material type and style of hammock

Like explained earlier, hammocks can be made of various materials types and styles. So before opting for a hammock, do well to decide if the material style is fitting for you or your kids, and if they fit for the region and atmosphere.

There are rope hammocks and fabric hammocks. While rope hammocks which are usually made from polyesters and are more suiting for warm weather climates, fabric hammocks are made from textiles like cotton and are known to be handy for cold weathers and climatic change.

Hammocks made of polyester are also known to be very durable and can last for generations. They usually seldom require any maintenance practices like those made of cotton. However, if you are thinking comfort, then you’d want to take a better look at rope hammocks as they don’t curl up like cotton do.

This is one reason why rope hammocks are more suiting for kids, as they don’t get tangled, unlike the fabric hammocks which would most definitely require spreader bars or your hammock curls up like a cocoon.

Kids would also deeply appreciate rope hammocks as they come in various colors. Colorful hammocks are a great way to keep your kids loving the camping session.

Summarily, materials of most hammocks available for sale on the market are of two types – those made of polyesters like Nylon and those made of fabrics like cotton.

Cotton hammocks have its bad sides like being bulky, ‘attracting water’ making it dry slowly – thus bad for wet weather. It also has its good side of comfort and attractive designs – thanks to its weaves.

Nylon hammocks are more preferred thanks to their high advantages which includes being lighter, repelling water making them soothing for bad/wet weather climates.


Another important factor to consider when deciding to purchase a hammock is the size. There are various sizes of hammocks which are soothing for just about anyone. So, the length and width of any hammock you are considering picking up should meet your needs.

You should decide if you are going to be sleeping alone in the hammock. If you would, you should consider one that’s not too wide to inconvenience you. Also, the length of the hammock is important. You don’t want to go and purchase a hammock that’s not going to cover you.

Carrying Capacity

Another crucial factor to take into consideration is the carrying capacity. Always consider the maximum weight capacity of the hammock and compare it to your weight or the campers who would be occupying the hammock.

If you plan on occupying a hammock with a partner or friends, then opt for the double models. There are also the extra-large models which would comfortably carry heavy campers.

Using a hammock with more capacity than the recommended weight limit could drastically reduce the lifespan of the hammock. Aside from that, it could be dangerous as campers can fall off a slacked hammock.

Type of Suspension System

Just as there are different types of hammocks, so are there various types of suspension systems. Most of the suspension systems, however, are a joint iteration of carabiners and straps.

Worthy of note is the fact that not all models include these, so you’d like to confirm what your model includes before you head out hiking.

Quick addition, always uses straps with more attachment points (these straps are usually longer). The more the attachment points, the more trees you could have hanging between.

Straps that work well with trees are usually made of polyesters, are flat and are typically wider than others (about 0.75” wider).

Weather types and Insulation

Before you opt for a hammock, you should already have it in mind the type of weather you would be using the hammock in.

Although a vast majority of hammocks are built using polyesters (e.g. breathable nylon) which ultimately keeps you cool during the summer season, you are not guaranteed of such comfort in cold seasons, thus the need for insulating materials.

A handful of hammock models tag along with ‘insulation’ materials like under quilts and top quilts and some even have sleeping pads.

This is why it’s always of paramount important to consider the elements and get you fits it. You would want to stay warm in your hammock while camping, won’t you?

Handy accessories

If you are planning to enjoy your camping expedition, then you’d have to be ready to come ready! Bringing just a hammock is no fun. What if you get bitten by mosquitoes, or a sudden downpour gets you soaking and laid out cold?

There are a lot of handy accessories you could get for your hammock. Accessories like a rain fly would be useful in event of a sudden downpour. There’s also the need for an integrated mosquito net if you are going camping in say, a swampy region or just a very buggy area. There are also tarps which could be great for privacy.

Choosing the best hammock for camping

Settling in for the best hammock for camping can be tricky. After considering all the above-stated factors, you should also take into consideration – who would use the hammock?

This section should help with ideal hammocks for any and everyone, from big guys to babies.

There are various hammock sizes, made of various materials. If you plan to have a baby in a hammock, then you wouldn’t want your baby entangled and uncomfortable would you?

Fabric hammocks could be ideal for keeping babies in as they are usually warm and heavy.

Couples, on the other hand, could make do with double hammocks if they intend staying together in a hammock.

Bigger guys could make do with extra-large hammocks which are lengthy (around 8-10 feet) to adequately cover them and keep them comfortable while camping.

Setup and hanging the hammock

Getting your hammock set for lying in or swinging from isn’t farfetched. Asides finding a suitable area to settle and mount your hammock, you should inspect your equipment and ensure no signs of wear or tear on any of the gears.

The setup process is almost always easy; just ensure you have the right equipment.

A fitting strap which would not damage the trees and a lightweight carabiner would do the trick. There are several webbings and straps so always go for the best available.

There’s this one question always asked, ‘how high should I hang my hammock?’ Truthfully, hang it just as high as you are willing to bear the risk of falling.

Typically, a hammock can hold one heavy adult. If you’d like to know the carrying capacity of your hammock, consult the product description of the hammock.

Cleaning a hammock

There are various types of the hammock, and each has its caring process. The Mayan hammock, for instance, requires hand-washing using mild detergents or soaps. Both ends of the Mayan hammock are meant to hang from a single hook when storing.

The Brazilian hammocks also are never meant to be washed or rinsed and dried with a washing machine. They are meant to be hand-washed with a detergent.

Always check the instructions manual and follow the guidelines to caring for your hammock religiously.

Combating Bear Attacks

If you are planning on camping in an area with wildlife such as bears and raccoons, you can still stay safe with a hammock by following a few laid out rules.

Bears are known to attack when provoked or when they perceive the smell of food or just in defense of their young cubs. If you are bothered about bear attacks, it’s advisable to purchase bear repellents.

Also, NEVER keep food both scraps and left over near your hammock.

Bears have zero chills, if it smells good they want it, and you don’t want to be between them and the food.

TOP 6 Best Hammocks for Camping

1. Sawtooth Double Camping Hammock with Straps and Carabiners Review

The Sawtooth double camping hammocks are an effective camping gear if you are looking for hammocks which are capable of holding heavy campers weighing up 400lbs. The hammocks are made with sturdily built triple-stitched parachute nylon.

The hammock is built to be spacious enough to comfortably accommodate two adult campers or several small kids.

The setup process for the sawtooth double camping hammock takes little time, just requires you to find suitable trees and clip with into any desired strap loops of the 14 available.


  • The hammock bag is sewn on; you won’t be bothered about losing it.
  • The hammock is made of strong parachute fabric which is not likely to get ripped easily.
  • The hammock comes with large Carabiners which are very effective and easy to use.
  • The hammock is very large and can easily accommodate large campers or even couples. Its carrying limit is about 400lbs which is rather fair.
  • The sawtooth hammock is a versatile gear and can be used for several other positions like for shelter / beach blanket, or even as a tarp.


  • Not the best hammock for summer. The material can trap heat which would make you rather uncomfortable and sweaty in sunny weather. It is recommended for winter.

2. YouPhoria Outdoors Double Parachute Camping Hammock with Premium Carabiners Review

The YouPhoria outdoors camping hammock may not be a known ‘name-brand’ gear, but this camping hammock offers some really impressive qualities suitable for any outdoor camping fan.

The straps, carabiners of the Youphoria double parachute camping hammock are all made of high quality premium materials which include an extra strong and breathable woven 210T nylon,

the very sturdy nautical grade 6mm rope, the ultra-durable triple stitch polyester ‘no stretch’ tree straps and very high grade aluminum carabiners.

The parachute material of the Neolite is made of high-grade triple interlocking stitching which would see this hammock last several years of intensive usage.

YouPhoria’s double parachute camping hammock comes with a small travel bag to neatly gather your hammock in time for some outdoor fun.

Did I mention there are a few free tree suspension straps added?


  • The YouPhoria double parachute hammock has distinct and attractive bright colors which are great and can come in handy in cases of emergency. The bright colors would let it be easily spotted if used to signal for help.
  • The hammock’s fabric is very thick although due to the nature of the material; don’t expect to be kept warm in frozen weather.
  • You can’t talk about the gains of this hammock without mentioning its size. Its weight limit is pegged at 400lbs and can comfortably carry to average sized adults.
  • The carabiners of this hammock are really nice. They are made of heavy duty, high-grade aluminum which is ultra-tough but yet lightweight.


  • An added but yet slightly unnecessary strap and clip which goes round the hammock.

3. Neolite Double Camping Hammock Review

Neolite double camping hammock is yet another cool hammock for any and every outdoor loving person. This hammock also comes with a weight limit of 400lbs which means it’s suitable for just about anyone and even multiple folks.

The setup process of the Fox Neolite is breeze, with all the gears required included.

The straps included are tree friendly, so you won’t hurt any trees while having an interaction with nature.

The parachute material of the Neolite is made of high-grade triple interlocking stitching which would see this hammock last several years of intensive usage.


  • This Hammock is cost effective and wouldn’t break your bank when compared to similar hammocks of same features.
  • The Neolite double camping is guaranteed to last several years with top-notch triple stitching parachute material.
  • High quality, heavy-duty, light-weight solid steel carabiners with eco-friendly straps
  • The Neolite double camping hammock would comfortably contain two average adults as there is ample spacing in the hammock.
  • Features an integrated drawstring stuff bag which could serve as mini-storage for other personal gears and gadgets.


  • No integrated mosquito netting, no rain fly. It’s ideal for hiking during the day.

4. Double Outdoor Camping Hammocks Review

If you are looking for a very spacious, versatile hammock which would serve your every hiking adventure, then this live infinitely double outdoor camping hammock would come in very handy.

Guaranteed to hold up weights of up to 450lbs, this is the real double outdoor camping hammock for partners, couples or a household full of kids.


  • Hammock is made of very high quality 210T parachute nylon which is weather resistant.
  • The seams of the hammock are interlocked and triple stitched which is a pivotal clue that this gear would withstand years of vigorous use.
  • Your comfort is highly guaranteed, not minding if you are alone or there’s a partner huddled up in there with you.
  • This gear is as light as they come and compact too.
  • It uses patented colorfast nylon which is machine washable and ensures the color of the nylon doesn’t fade.
  • Weather resistant, so you are free from mildew attacks and the likes.


  • Once you are in, you are in! Getting out of this hammock’s ‘cocoon-like’ wrap can be really inconveniencing.

5. Trip worthy Premium Outdoor Hammock for Hiking, Camping, Backpacking Review

Here’s Trip worthy’s offering for campers, hikers and all outdoor recreational activity folks – premium outdoor hammock. Promising a fuss-free setup which shouldn’t take more than 2-minutes after finding a suitable placement area or tree;

this outdoor hammock sports superior strength with a weight limit of 500lbs.


  • Powerfully built materials and tough high quality seams designed for maximum support.
  • Made with parachute grade nylon fabric which also has a reinforced inner core.
  • Assembly time is smooth as silk, typically takes around 2-minutes to setup after finding the right spot.
  • Built-in drawstring which acts as a storage bag for the hammock when not in use, making it an ideal backpack.
  • It has a very high weight limit of 500lbs, and can comfortably carry just about anyone.
  • The price point of this hammock gives it an edge over several other hammocks with similar characteristics.


  • The carabiners of the Trip worthy hammocks are not the trending clips. They are hefty compared to other heavy-duty, lightweight carabiners available.

6. TNH Outdoors Premium Camping Hammock & Straps Review

TNH Outdoors is bursting out offering some of the best outdoors gears. This hammock is proof of the top-notch quality camping gears they’ve got up their sleeve.

This premium camping hammock is geared at offering heavy-duty, high-end equipments at an impressively cut-cost.


  • TNH Outdoors premium camping hammock offers all the perks of a premium hammock but at a wallet friendly amount. There’s no need to break the bank to have the perfect expedition.
  • Guaranteed to last several years thanks to the parachute grade nylon material of the TNH premium hammock.
  • The premium parachute nylon material of this TNH hammock is weather resistant and dries up pretty quickly when exposed to rainfall. This makes it relatively safe from mildew attacks.
  • The hammock can carry weights of up to 400lbs and is very spacious giving you the comfort you crave in your camping or backpacking journey.
  • TNH hammock straps are some of the most impressive additions of this camping gear. The straps are very sturdy and heavy duty. They also don’t rub off trees or cause them discomfort and impending death.


  • There are no integrated rain fly or mosquito netting, so you’d have to purchase them as accessories if you want to spend the night in this hammock.

Rounding Up

Rounding up, while these are the best hammock for camping available for purchase right now, you can’t skip the part where the sawtooth double camping hammock stand out from the list due to its high versatility and the very effective strap with 14 loop holes.

The Neolite, YouPhoria both come second fiddle to the sawtooth hammock when placed on side comparisons and price point.

The trip worthy hammock which is distinctly superior in terms of carrying capacity has bulky carabiners which would add more weight to the backpacking gear.​

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