Lake Tarpon Fishing Charter

About Lake Tarpon, Florida

Lake Tarpon in Tarpon Springs is known for its enormous population of bass, crappie and bluegill, making it one of the best fishing lakes in Florida.It has a 52-square-mile basin, which includes Booker Creek and South Creek, two of its most important sources. On the southern end of the lake, there is a big outfall canal that aids in water quality management and is frequently a nice place to go fishing.. Lake Tarpon, a popular Florida vacation area, is notable for its subsurface connection to the Gulf of Mexico via Tarpon Springs’ Spring Bayou.

In the event that you’re looking for a unique Lake Tarpon Bass fishing adventure, go no further than our fishing charters! We welcome first-time anglers and seasoned veterans alike. A lake tarpon Fishing Charters gives you all the tools you’ll need for a great fishing trip for bass.

Our local expert will serve as your bass fishing guide and teach you the tactics necessary to land the largest largemouth bass of your life. He will also ensure that your day of bass fishing on Lake Tarpon is as enjoyable and exciting as possible. Beginners are not only encouraged but also welcomed in our fun and action-packed environment where we provide courteous, professional, and specialized service.

Fishing Possibilities

Weekends at the lake are filled with bass tournaments thanks to its proximity. However, only a few of us experienced guides fish the lake on a regular basis, and we encourage them to do so if their schedule permits throughout the week.

Using a natural shiner as bait, Lake Tarpon has long held the Florida record for largemouth bass. The lake has a circumference of almost nine miles and a surface area of over 2,500 acres. Because to the area’s residential and resort development, fishing is abundant..

Species found in Lake Tarpon

The lake’s bottom is littered with deep water holes and grassy edging. In addition to exceptional bass fishing, the lake is home to a flourishing population of Sunfish, , Blue Tilapia, Catfish,Crappie and Bluegill.

Lake Tarpon Fishing Charter

The fishing is fantastic year-round, but the best seasons are spring and summer. Bring the whole gang for a fun-filled day of fishing in Florida! Start your Lake Tarpon trip by locating a local charter company today. It’s necessary to be aware of the following detailed information:


The duration of a charter is measured from the time the boat departs the dock until it returns. The captain will design the trip to maximize fishing time while minimizing travel time. Fortunately, excellent fishing can be found within a few minutes of the dock. Because of the lengthier travel times and more expensive gear, bait, and labour for the skipper, nearshore trips are more expensive and will place you on better fish.

Things to come along with:

  • Dress for the weather; we’ll let you know the day before the trip what to bring.
  • Hat with a broad brim.
  • To snap pictures and receive pictures from the captain, you’ll need your phone.
  • For a fun day in the sun in Florida, bring along a light weight rain jacket to protect you from the sun and spray from the ocean.
  • Shades of blue (Polarized lenses preferred)
  • Bring a simple lunch or snack, as you’ll be busy bringing in fish. Sandwiches are a delicious food option.
  • Carry-on bag for personal items: There is a lot of storage space on the boat for things like cell phones and wallets.

Fishing Dress code

The ideal way to fish is in layers, but even then, it’s a casual activity. It’s not unusual for women to wear a sundress over a bikini. Men’s khaki shorts are the most dressed-up you can get, although long pants work if you’re not used to the sun. In the same way, there aren’t any “fashions.” Make yourself at home in whatever attire is expected.

However, bright colors, which keep you cooler, should always be your favourite choice.

The cost of the charter

  • Half-Day Charters (4 hours) involve the cost of one or two fishermen, which may range between $300.00 and $400.00.
  • For only $25.00 to $35.00 extra, a third angler can join you on the water for the full day.
  • You can add a 4th angler to your trip for just $25.00 to $35.00 for the whole day on the water.

Deposits, on the other hand, are fully refundable up to 10 days before your trip. You’ll lose your deposit if you don’t pay the balance in full within 10 days. Please notify Lake Tarpon Fishing Charters as soon as you know you will not be attending. By retaining your appointment, the guides have a better chance of finding replacement customers.

In conclusion, for fisherman, few venues offer a more complete angling experience than Lake Tarpon. For a multitude of reasons, including its accessibility and location, the serene ambiance once you’re out on the water, and the high population of bass, Lake Tarpon is recognized as the “Jewel of Pinellas County.” Lake Tarpon should be at the top of your list, if you’re looking for a nice area to go bass fishing in Florida.

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