5 Of The Best Longboard Surfboards For Sale In The Market

Are you planning to purchase a surfboard for your first surfing class or getaway? Know why you should consider choosing a longboard over other types of surfboards. Read on!

The history of the use of longboards (other names include “floaties” and “surfies”) for recreational purposes stretches back decades ago. Longboards are the original surfboards – long before shortboards, funboards, fish boards, and SUPs came into existence. The longboard is the “classic” surfboard.

Longboards are regarded as the “first timer’s practice platform” because of their extended length, stability, and round noses. It’s advantageous for novices because it provides excellent buoyancy, a laid-back fluid style, a relaxed surface, and a stable ride which enables wave riders to go head-on with leg-length waves that are deemed too small for advanced users. Most importantly, the longer length of longboards makes it easy to control and balance on for amateurs.

Old longboards are typically made from wood, but modern ones incorporate a lot of materials. There are the foam pads, molded watertight materials, and technologically-advanced synthetic materials which are mixed with durable woods for longevity and precision.

Whether you’re looking for a longboard for your skill level, a lightweight board, a durable paddling board, or a sophisticatedly advanced one, we’ve got you covered here on our list.

Read on below for the reviews of the Top 5 Best-Selling Longboards in the Market and choose the best one for you.

California Board Company Surfboard (8 feet)

California Board Company Surfboard (8 feet)

The California Board Company’s 8-feet surfboard is one of the best surfboards in the market. The premium company’s versatile surfboard is perfect for beginner teenagers and adults looking for a reliable platform to learn on.

They construct their surfboards from the best and most durable raw materials. It features a waterproof core, laminated wood stringers, Tri-fin system, and an HD Polyethylene slick bottom.

The wood stringers run from tip to toe which gives the board extra stiffness, shape, and durability. As for the top deck of the board, it possesses closed-cells designed for zero water transmission inside the material whereas the base is made up of Polyethylene for that “no-scratch” surface whenever you hit stones of rough surfaces. The base also gives stability, more definition, and shape to the board which aids in surfing convenience.

Furthermore, the board comes with three fins, a leash, and a full set of instructions that are very easy to follow. To install them, you have to screw the fins on top of the surfboard. Upon attaching the fins, you’re ready to go.

The solid base and easy to paddle surfboard makes it a great option for adult newbies although, it’s too big for kids. What also adds value to this versatile surfboard is the minimalist design which is pretty cool.

Overall, this board is a great investment for surfing beginners.

California Board Company Foam Surfboard (9 Feet)

California Board Company Foam Surfboard (9 Feet)

Similar to its brother surfboard from the same company, the California Board Company’s 9-feet Foam Surfboard is a thing of beauty and stability.

The “bad boy’s surfboard” features a PU surf leash and Tri-fin System with nylon screws, waterproof EPS core, high-density and slick Polyethylene bottom, and a custom molded shape.

In contrast to the first surfboard on our list which exhibits a waterproof core, this 9-feet surfboard uniquely features a waterproof foam core with closed cells. This feature makes the board more comfortable to ride on. The base of the board’s a slick and durable one too. Moreover, it has thin wood stringers for stiffness and extra stability for performance.

The plasticized nylon that wraps the fin screws is also a thoughtful addition. It makes mounting the fins easy and fast. Moreover, with the nylon screws, you won’t feel any sharp edges on the pins, adding to the safety element of the board.

It’s perfect for newbies and pros. Interestingly, bigger guys choose this board over others because it has greater volume, which makes it easier for them to control even in windy conditions.

Essentially, this board is easy to paddle, very comfortable, has safety additions, catches waves easily, and has a very stable platform while being flexible enough for “progression” into bigger waves.

If you’re looking for some “extra” in every feature, this floatie got you covered.

BIC Sport ACE-TEC Surfboard

BIC Sport ACE-TEC Surfboard

Okay, we’ve got a fresh new entry here!

Bring on the BIC Sports ACE-TEC surfboard! The ACE-TEC stands for “Advanced Composite Engineered Technology”. Very fancy huh? Yes, they really are because they’re super lightweight, ensures high-performance, and very durable. Very well, it stands by its name.

Its features include an epoxy construction for the larger paddler, a proven Epoxy Technology with an integrated handle for easy transport, and a complete with 2 + 1 (FCS Dolphin 10″ center + 2 FCS M5 side) fins.

The board’s core is constructed from a molded watertight polystyrene material wrapped in fiberglass and epoxy resin. As a finishing touch to prepare the board for extreme sturdiness and performance, the layered core is then coated with a thermoformed plastic. I swear this product is so durable that it can support heavier weights and still last for years!

This old school board is created for surfers of all levels. For beginners, this board delivers an excellent volume and forgiving outline, while pros will appreciate the way the board handles strong waves and smooth rides during high-lines. This board is crafted for speed with its shape and advanced materials.

I dare say that the BIC Sports ACE-TEC surfboard is ideal for all surfers – newbies, pros, and even those with larger frames. Also, it’s perfect for flat water paddling.

Liquid Shredder HD Long Surf Board

Liquid Shredder HD Long Surf Board

Another reliable long surfboard here on our list is the Liquid Shredder HD Long Surfboard. This board is an advanced one, I’m telling you. Check out its features below.

The HD Longboard Soft Surfboard is lightweight – weighing only 17.5lbs. It also features a Patented soft vinyl exterior, Gore-tex air expansion venting, dual aluminum stringer system for strength and rigidity, and a removable three-fin thruster.

This floatie is dubbed as the “magic surfboard” of surf schools because almost anyone who dreams of riding the waves can use it easily without hassle.

The board is wider and longer than the average longboard. Moreover, it features a wide nose and a rocker shape, making it easy to go head-on with the incoming waves.

The Hybrid soft HD Enhanced construction and the Patented vinyl skin system with Gore-tex vent features of the board makes it extremely durable, user-friendly, and delamination-free. Lastly, the Patented advanced aluminum stringer system it exhibits makes it stiff and lightweight.

This board is a popular one which is a staple at surf schools. Rest assured of the quality of this board because it’s tried and tested in surf schools.

Doubt not about the safety of this board because I’ve seen a seven-year-old boy walking through the waves with this awesome board. Proof below!

Robert August Longboard Surfboard

Robert August Longboard Surfboard

The surfboard got its name from the world-famous surfer Robert August who designed the board which he first used in the movie “The Endless Summer”. Nowadays, the board has evolved significantly and is a popular brand for intermediate and pro surfers.

Its features include an epoxy construction, Tri-fin system with FCS brand fins, and an 18” wide nose, and a squash tail.

The Robert August Surfboard series comes in different constructions with the epoxy material being the most durable. The epoxy construction makes the board glide perfectly and it produces a soft front and a hard bottom, making it comfortable to ride.

Also, the epoxy material does not delaminate the board, making it look new all the time. Furthermore, the 18” wide concave nose of the board underneath and its squash tail translates to a quick release on sharp turns and strong waves.

Truly, this board is a versatile and durable one. I have a friend who still uses his Robert August Longboard today which he purchased back in 2004. Talk about durability!

Wrap Up

All five longboards are the cream of the crop, but it all boils down to your skill level. If you’re looking for simple longboards, the California Board Company Surfboard (8 feet) and the California Board Company Foam Surfboard ( 9 Feet) are the perfect choices.

For a relatively advanced one, there’s the BIC Sports ACE-TEC Surfboard and the Robert August Longboard Surfboard. Finally, if you’re ready to level up your surfing skills, the Liquid Shredder HD Long Surf Board would be an excellent choice.

Longboards will certainly train you to use the more advanced surfboards. It’s an excellent platform to learn on. Also, it’s a versatile one that can be used by all surfers, whether amateurs or experienced surfers. Overall, longboards are user-friendly, safe, stable, and fun to use!

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