5 Best Military Watches In 2021

Let’s talk about military watches. Not all watches would pass for a military watch or a survival watch. These watches are not your everyday watches; they are gadgets for exploration and deep level activities from tactical missions to hiking, outdoor camping.

The best military watch of 2021 which we would be covering in this full blown review would show why you need to have one of these.

Watches and accessorizing…

However, clothing is just about the piece of fabric we adorn ourselves with; it goes further down to chief accessories like glasses, hats, and watches. Yes, Watches.

However, clothing is just about the piece of fabric we adorn ourselves with; it goes further down to chief accessories like glasses, hats, and watches. Yes, Watches.

A fashion savvy guy or girl knows that the ‘tell timer’ worn on the wrist doesn’t just serve to keep us updated on the movement of time but also to help us stand out from the crowd by giving our personalities a spiced up appearance in the growing fashion world.

Watches are of various build, styles, and functionalities; typical examples are the military or tactical watches. These watches are made to stand the test of time no matter the terrain or assignment they are worn to.

They might not be the costliest of the lineup of watches (not when premium luxury watches from such brands like Fortis, Omega, Bell & Ross, Rolex, Zenith, Hublot, Michael Kors, Tudor, U-Boat and many others are in existence which can literally break your bank just to afford one of their special timepieces).

Military watches remain one of the most versatile watches any serious collector would deem essential to own.

They serve just about any purpose unlike the majority of other watch types which are feeble and could easily break if used to perform rigorous tasks.

Heading out to your preferred hiking adventure or a trip out of civilization to a backcountry campground or your preferred sporting activities or simply just carrying out your routine daily tasks, a military or tactical watch could be your wrist assistant to accompany you through all the daily hustles while still keeping you in the loop of what time says.

How to set and use a military watch?

Setting military watches are all different, many military watches come with 3 or 4 buttons which all have a key use. The most applicable option is to follow the instruction manual of the watch for proper guidance in setting up for using your military watch.

How to protect your military watch?

You can protect your military watch by refraining from use in extreme conditions; avoid hitting it against tough layers of earth or strong metals like iron. Also, you can do well to read up the instruction manual of the military watch and follow through with the instructions outlined.

How to put on military watch strap?

Military watches come with different watch straps such as leather, metal, nylon wrap. Each strap has its method of wearing which you’d likely find in the instruction manual.

Considerations to put in place before buying the best military or tactical watch- Buying Tips

Just like buying your clothes, other fashion accessories, and gears – you never rush off to buy a watch. Careful considerations are undergone to decipher which watch is unique, what makes it tick and how useful it would be to you during your expedition of hiking trip.

Since we know that you would need a watch which is soothing for the task, many military watches come with special features which could come in handy during your expedition or camping trip, so you need to take into consideration such features.

If you are interested in finding out the best military watches of 2021, this review is meant to cover the topic extensively but first, here are 5 + 1 things to consider before you splash your money on that military watch.

1. What to look for in the best military watch

BUILD MATERIAL: You can’t talk about the usefulness of a watch without mentioning the quality of the build materials. Any military watch you are buying should be made of durable and tough materials which would also give a ravishing look aesthetically.

Ensure any watch you are planning on purchasing has its glass made of sapphire. This is because the mineral sapphire is toughened and also tops the list of scratch resistant materials in the world. This makes watches made with sapphire glass durable without losing their shine over time.

The glass also gives the watch its resistivity to water. The watch’s body can be done with any material from high-quality stainless steel to polymer plastics, silicon, gun metal or ceramic components.

WATCH ACCURACY: Keeping to time is the most important functionality of having a timepiece, however, not all time piece are exactly accurate. The mechanical variants of watches, for instance, are known to be NOT dependable if you are a time addict.

Bearing that in mind, it would most definitely do you good to try out the digital watches which mostly come with 2 or more time fractions are deemed more accurate and can help you properly organize your time while coordinating with either friends and/or colleagues.

RESISTANCE: The watch resistivity should be unmatched! Since military/tactical,/survival watches are made to be used for thorough exercises, grueling activities, and sports, we expect them to have a high endurance ratio and very resistant to scratches, rubs, and hard presses.

Thus, it’s recommended that materials with such resistive capacity as scratch resistance, shock, magnetism are purchased. Also, go for brands with a high trust ratio for guaranteed durability.

Underneath the resistance to rubs and scratches, the resistance to pressure should also be considered. Atmosphere (ATM) which measures pressure and water resistance of the watch should be adequately considered. Before you decide to purchase a military watch, consider the ATM capacity of the watch. A watch with 10ATM is usually recommended.

LIGHTS: One important feature to look for in a military watch is the lightening. A luminescent watch which glows consistently 24/7 would save you hassles when you have your hands tied up at night but would want to check the time.

FEATURES: You don’t want a military/tactical/survival watch which is handicapped in features and functionalities. Ensure you have a thorough look at what your watch packs before you purchase it.

Features like a barometer, compass, moon calendar, altimeter, alarm, and sunrise/sunset times among others are some impressive features to lookout for when opting for a military watch as you don’t know when you might have a need for the feature.

You don’t want to get lost in the forest without a compass, or stranded without time, or lose track with what the weather holds until it’s too late.

2. Types of military watches and functions

Military watches come in various types and of course sporting different functionalities. The types of watches available include the listed although, there are believed to be several other kinds. Some of the types are;

1) Navigator: These are used by thrill-seekers on the expedition as well as pilots. The navigator military watches come with features which aid movement. There are altimeters, bold and legible dial, and chronograph among the list of features.

2) Field or General Service watch: These are preferred watches of ground units. They don’t require a lot of maintenance but are very durable and are also usually budget friendly.

3) Dive watches: A dive watch is those worn by water-loving folks and divers. These watches are usually highly water resistant. They also have big bold dials to let them be read easily under water. Dive watches also feature a dive meter to keep tab of just how deep under water you’ve gone.

3. Evolution of the Military Watch

Surely it’s no longer news that the intended purpose of creating these classes of watches are for military personnel usage. Military watches have over the years evolved and metamorphosed from their original form which was the pilot’s watch.

Originally designed and created in the 20th century by Cartier, these watches were designed with pilots in mind. As at then, men wore pocket watches seeing that the first set of wrist watches were originally designed for women.

However, after the inception of pilot’s watches in the military, men took the wristwatch to a new fashion high. The military watches which were exclusively used by soldiers took a U-turn at the end of the 2nd world war and became a free for all seeing civilian patronage skyrocket.

4. Why Military Watches? What’s so special?

Military watches are not a just timepiece; they are more. These groups of watches are relatively larger than your average wristwatch and as such their dials are easily read, and they can also be customized by designers to give them several unique features.

Military watch bands are usually longer than your normal watch band making them comfortable to wear on thick material clothing like a jacket.

The most military watch has their powerhouse enclosed in steel for added protection; also the watches are always well lit to ensure they can be easily read even in low light or darkness.

Let’s not forget that a vast number, if not all military watches are waterproof at least to some extent.

5. Decisions… an original antique or a stunning Military/Tactical Watch?

If you are stuck in a dilemma, deciding whether to get yourself a rare piece of a watch worn during the cold war or simply splashing your cash on a fascinating new geeky military watch which indirectly takes a striking semblance to your fantasy antique watch, well I’d implore you to weigh your options well.

As we are all aware, the current inflow of watches sporting the “military watch” tag are overwhelming, and sadly not all were produced with the military in mind.

The market today is saturated with new edition products which don’t pass for the original military watches so if you plan on getting a military watch, be sure to confirm you are buying an original military watch which has specialized characteristics for easy identification.

6. Collecting original military watches

Surely you can go into collecting original military watches. There would be quite a lot of them to collect. The watches from the 20th century would be some of the most thrilling timepieces you’d find.

Of course, a lot of them would show signs of usage and a little wear and tear as they would be battle tested.

However, you’d want to be sure you are collecting an original military issued timepiece.

To confirm, check if there is a number on the back as all the watches released by the military are tagged and have a registration number so that a particular soldier gets a particular numbered watch.

Of course, you don’t expect leather bands to last for 100 years so that preservation might be an issue, but you can always swap bands after your collection.

The perfect band for that military watch

Watch bands are an important part of the watch themselves, and sure, watches come with different band types. A newly bought watch could tag along with either a matching leather band or nylon band or metal band.

In the past, watches came with leather bands but not anymore – you now have the luxury of selecting your perfect watchband.

If you are an American military watch collector, you should know that American watches come with either a nylon or fabric watchband. You can, however, buy a more soothing watch band to replace the existing group.

Just make sure the watch face and the watch band tally.

Military Watches for civilians

Surely there are several military watches churned out each day, and not all are military watches. This is in the sense that they are not issued for military wear, but hey, that doesn’t mean they aren’t of high quality.

At the end of the 2nd World War, civilian love for military watch reached a new zenith. A few manufacturers decided to capitalize on this new trend and revamped several high sorts after antique military watches to sleeker and more portable variants.

However, due to criticism and a decline in patronage, the styles were revamped making today’s military watches bigger and well stocked with functionalities.

The functionalities of the new military watches are the selling part of these new gears and thus before buying a new military watch, be sure to check out the functions offered and decide if it’s what you are seeking for, or what you would need especially if you are an outdoorsy person.

As said earlier, these new military watches in vogue have never been used in combat so don’t bother checking for serial numbers at their backs as you won’t find any.

Should you wear a watch?

Why the question might sound vague, it’s a very thoughtful question. A watch doesn’t just add that glitter to your look; it’s also an essential accessory to look smart.

So, yes if you plan on catching stares and stealing glances, you probably should.

Top 5 Best Military Watches of 2021

1. Casio Men’s GA100-1A1 Military Watch

If you are interested in a gorgeous looking aesthetic beauty which is not just a looker but has several daring functionalities to show off, then the Casio GA100-1A1 military watch is what you need.

Sporting a black matte finish and stunning white dials, you can have your wrist accessory accompany you to just about any event or activity – be it formal or informal outdoor sports and hike.

This is a true military watch and as such has a big face. The GA100-1A1 watch is highly water resistant (up to a whopping 200 meters). It also has a full auto calendar which would keep you updated till the year 2099. The watch is shock resistant as well.

It sports a stopwatch which goes deep into details, offering 1/1000th-second stopwatch which has a speed indicator.

It features a world time view with switches to 29 different time zones (48 cities + UTC) as well as enabling/disabling daylight saving. The watch has an antimagnetic structure as well as an auto LED light with afterglow. The watch band is made of high-quality resin.


  • It’s a true looker with perfect matte finish
  • Many in its class unmatch the functionalities of this G-Shock military watch from switching between 29 different time zones to having an auto LED light with afterglow.
  • One of the best water resistant watches in the market allowing for diving up to 200 meters under water.
  • The watch is shock resistant
  • The band of the watch is made of very high-quality resin.
  • The watch features an antimagnetic structure
  • Full auto date/time calendar up to 2099.


  • Probably one of the best military grade watches in the market, the only problem would likely be lightening which a few users have complained about.

2. Casio Men’s GA100SD-8A G-Shock Military Watch

Another impressive military watch on the list is the Casio GA100SD-8A G-Shock, and what can we say, it’s a G-Shock. This latter Coyote tan finish military watch has a large watch face tinkered with to produce surprisingly stunning functionalities.

Of course, it’s shocking resistant and waterproof (up to 200 m/ 660 feet) making it an ideal military watch for marine activities or outdoor activities like scuba diving, etc. The watch has a protective mineral crystal dial window.

Like the GA100-1A1, it also has a full auto calendar which would keep you updated till the year 2099. It sports a stopwatch which goes deep into details, offering 1/1000th-second stopwatch which has a speed indicator.

There’s also a 24-hour countdown timer. It features a world time view with switches to 29 different time zones (48 cities + UTC) as well as enabling/disabling daylight saving.


  • One of the most aesthetically sound military watches, the coyote tan latte finish, lets it stand out from the crowd.
  • Made by a reputable coy, the CasioGA100SD-8A G-shock military watch is sturdily built and designed to last
  • It has a long lasting battery life of about 2 years
  • The features of this watch are an impressive array, from the auto calendar to 24-hour countdown timer, alarm, time zone switching and several other features.
  • This watch was built with marines in mind, with its water resistant feature allowing it to take a swim up to 660 feet.


  • Just like the GA100-1A1 military watch, complaints about the illumination of the backlight seem to be the only issue if any.

3. Casio Sport Watch

Surely Casio G-Shocks are the leading military watches available, and this isn’t far-fetched when considering their functionalities. This Casio sport watch places 3rd on our list, and for a good reason. Like the other Casio watches on the list, this military sports watch is water resistant to 660 feet or 200 meters which make it a top choice for marine officers or scuba divers.

It’s also shocking resistant and packs an alarm clock, counter timer, auto-updating calendar which holds till 2099. The calendar can be set to 12 or 24-hour formats and has a high accuracy.

The battery life of this Casio sports watch like other Casio watches reviewed above is top class, lasting up to 4-5 years without needing a replacement. However, making use of the backlight would see your battery life quickly depleted.


  • Aesthetics seem to be a thing with Casio watches, and this sports watch is no different. Beautifully made to turn heads.
  • The Casio sports watch is sturdily built and designed to last several tough years.
  • This watch was built with marines in mind, with its water resistant feature allowing it to take a swim up to 660 feet.
  • The battery life of the watch is long, usually 3 – 5 years of usage.
  • The watch has so many features to boast about from auto calendar to switching between 29 different time zones.
  • The resin band of the watch is well made and durable


  • Using the backlight severally would deplete the battery life of this watch, making it last just below its normal duration (say from 4 years to a year).
  • Changing the battery of the watch also voids the waterproof of this watch, so you would want to be careful with that.

4. Seiko SNK805 5 Automatic Men’s Stainless Steel Watch

The Seiko SNK805 is an automatic watch and as such doesn’t operate using batteries. It features an analog display and green dials which are bold enough to be seen at all times and has a nice green nylon strap which uses buckle for closure. The watch is water resistant up to 30meters or 99 feet.

Overall quality of the Seiko SNK805 stainless steel watch is top class, though it’s short on features like the other military styled watches on the list.


  • Fully automatic stainless steel watches, so you don’t have to worry about the battery dying out on you when you need it the most.
  • It’s a military inspired timepiece.
  • Has the date/day functionality tugged in and illuminated when needed?


  • It would seem pricey in a way when you consider it’s an automatic watch which is rumored to cost reasonably lesser than the tagged price.
  • Not very water resistant, just good for small splashes and light rainfall. Not recommended for swimming or scuba diving.

5. Fanmis Men’s Sports Analog Digital LED – Multifunctional Waterproof Watch

Fanmis is an imported watch brand, and this new generation military styled watch is perfect for eager kids, and outdoor loving guys. Made with the G-Shock style, the Fanmis military watch has a diverse function set including Auto date, LED Backlight display, Stop watch, Alarm and several other functionalities you’d find in a G-Shock.

The watch is also water resistant to a depth of 30 meters. The watch strap is made of a soft resin which uses buckle closing. Overall look and feel of this military styled watch is great and it does give out that airy military look with its green color.

The aesthetic build is classy as well and the watch display is digital with a sporty looking dial.


  • The watch outlook speaks of classy military design
  • It’s one of the cheapest G-Shock look-alikes you would find, and serve similar purposes.
  • The watch is multipurpose with different features including LED backlight, Alarm, Stop watch and so many other features.
  • It’s water proof to a good depth and can adequately resist rainfalls and what have you.
  • The aesthetic military green color gives the watch a unique feel
  • The band of this Fanmis military watch has a little detail just like the real G-Shock watch


  • Not the original G-Shock watch, so you might want to be careful with the handling.
  • Since it’s imported, might be a little difficult getting replacement if you run out of luck and get sent a faulty watch.
  • Sadly, there are no environment sensors which you’d find in the real G-Shock watches

Rounding Up

Alright, let’s go over the entire deal once again. These are the best military watches of 2016, and beyond so we can say they’ll do pretty good in 2021 seeing that they all have sparkling reviews and have been tested and thus trusted. Casio leads the pack in the list of the best military watch provider having three solid G-Shocks on the list.

All three having solid water resistant capabilities, able to withstand water with a depth limit of 660 feet. Also, their battery life last reasonably high up to 4-5 years depending on usage. The Fanmis military sports watch, on the other hand, is the cheapest of the lot and a mimic of original G-shock watches.

It has a classic aesthetic build and several other functionalities. The Seiko SNK805, on the other hand, being an automatic watch doesn’t make use of a battery.

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