Where To Shoot A Deer With A Crossbow? A Hunting Guide For The Beginners

Are you a bow hunter and looking for a perfect hunting weapon? Do you want to hunt longer, sooner, and with a lethal accuracy? You should choose the crossbow as your hunting weapon, if you want to be a perfect hunter. Crossbows are widely used for deer hunting. The beginners want to learn where to shoot a deer with a crossbow to kill it immediately. Continue reading and you will reveal how to take a perfect shot with a crossbow to hunt the deer.

Understand How The Crossbow Hunting Works

Many people use rifles for hunting, which are quite different from crossbows. The rifles kill the prey almost immediately. It does not matter where you are shooting the prey, it will die quickly as the bullet strikes. The crossbows kill the prey from hemorrhage. The distance from the prey also affects the hunting.

Once the deer has been taken down it’s important to dress the deer as quickly as possible, either by carrying out a field dressing, or taking the deer back to your car or house. Whichever method you prefer having the right tools to hand can make a big difference, it’s worth doing some research and finding out how to choose a hunting knife.​

The arrows of crossbows curve in a different way than bullets. You cannot use a crossbow to kill the prey from a distance, which is suitable for rifle hunting. Suppose, you are standing 20 yards away from the deer, you should aim lower because the arrow will move on an upward trajectory.

You should be aiming at the middle or lower body parts while the prey is moving 30 yards away from your location. When the prey is located 40 yards away, your aim should be higher than the targeted body spot so that you can take a perfect shot.

Be Familiar With Deer’s Anatomy

It is very important to be familiar with deer anatomy before you go for the hunting. You might be worrying about the crossbow, but you cannot use it perfectly if you don’t know where to aim on the deer’s body. There are a few areas, where you should aim to kill the deer quickly.

Heart And Lungs

Deer’s Anatomy

If you have not tried hunting before, aiming the heart and lungs the deer would be pretty simple for you. These are the areas, where you can take a perfect shot from a distance of 20-30 yards and kill the prey quickly. The surface area around the heart and lungs is quite large. Suppose your shot is not 100% accurate, you can still hope to kill the deer.

It would be easy to deliver a fast one-shot kill whether you have released the arrow perfectly or not. The concentration of blood vessels around the heart and lungs would be quite high. Therefore, the deer will get killed as the arrow will penetrate around the heart or lungs.

The professional and experienced hunters also target the area around the lungs while hunting the deer. The life-sustaining blood vessels are located around the lungs and heart. You cause a hemorrhage as you shoot around the lungs. The deer dies very quickly without moving too far away from the hunting location.

High Shoulder

If you cannot take a perfect shot of the surface around the heart and lungs, you should aim the high shoulder area. Deer’s spine and nervous system are located around this area. Therefore, if you take a perfect shot, the deer will fall dead within a few minutes.


If you want to drop the deer quickly after shooting it with a crossbow, target its neck. There is no chance of recovery, if you take a perfect shot. When an arrow penetrates in the deer’s neck, it causes almost immediate death. If the shot is not perfect, a massive blood flow will cause hemorrhage and the deer will die soon after getting shot.

Use The Best Archery Release To Fire The Arrow More Precisely

bow release

A bow release or archery release is a mechanical device. The professional hunters use this device to fire the arrow with a better accuracy. This device uses a trigger to release the bowstring. You don’t need to use your fingers, but still you can take a more perfect shot.

You can use two different kinds of bow releases while hunting. You can either use the wrist release or hand release models. Many hunters choose wrist release models because of the comfort and ease of adjustment features. This type of bow release is more economical than hand release models.

The competitive archers and professional hunters use the hand release model. You get a smoother feel when pull the bowstring back. You can make several adjustments with hand releases, such as trigger tension, trigger angle, pull force, and so on. It is not ideal for the beginners.

Consider these models, if you are looking for the best archery release:

  • Tru-Fire Hardcore Max Buckle Foldback
  • Tru-Fire Hurricane Extreme
  • Scott Archery Little Goose

Use A Crossbow, Which Can Turn Hunting Into An Easy Task

The most important thing you need while hunting is your crossbow. Some people might choose rifle over the crossbow because they want to kill the prey immediately. Things may get a bit challenging with the crossbow, but that’s what brings a huge fun in hunting.

The crossbows are quiet, there will be no recoil, and your ability of harvesting a big trophy animal would be much better. People, who hunt with a rifle, often move to the woods during the cold season. The crossbow hunters can enjoy hunting in a warmer climate and sit longer while searching for the prey.

There are many crossbows which are designed especially for deer hunting. You should check the reviews when you are planning to buy the best crossbow for hunting. The reviews will help you in identifying the best crossbow in your budget. We have gone through several reviews and found some great crossbows for hunting, which are:

  • Barnett Ghost 410 CRT
  • TenPoint Turbo GT
  • Excalibur Matrix Bulldog 400
  • TenPoint Vapor
  • Centerpoint Sniper 370(Beginner Friendly)

Final Words

Now you know where to shoot a deer with a crossbow and you also know about the best hunting gears available online. So, get your weapon along with the best bow release and then visit the hunting location to find a big prey. You will certainly succeed, if you use a perfect weapon to target the arrow on the most rewarding body parts of the deer.

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