Where To Stay In Phuket – Places That Will Make Your Holiday

Want to select the best place in Phuket? Then here is the answer to your question of where to stay in Phuket. Phuket is 50 km long by 20 km wide, and there is every place that is beautiful to find. The best location to stay depends on individual taste. There are dozens of the beaches, but each has its different character.

So if you choose the right one, then it would be a fantastic holiday. Even you can know how to get to Phuket from Bangkok very easily. Here is the quick guideline for the question of where to stay in Phuket with all available location of hotels with its ratings, advantages, and disadvantages.

1. Patong Beach:

This west coast resort town is famous for its densest concentration of bars and clubs and it is for those visitors who are fond of the active and busy beach and for those who love to party. It is the centrally-located beach with a broad range of hotels ranging from budget guesthouses to small resorts. It is the island of nightlife destination. The reviews for the enjoyments here are rated as:

RELAX: 1/5 Star

PARTY: 5/5 Star

BEACH: 4/5 Star


Videos are showing the beautiful Patong beach and walking the street at Patong beach which will surely make your mind of where to stay in Phuket.

There are also images showing the beach view:

Patong Beach

2. Staying Near Kata’s Beach – Little Town With Two Great Beaches

The best place for young travelers, families and for those who like a good but not hectic nightlife. The ratings for this place can be given as follows:

RELAX: 3/5 Star

PARTY: 3/5 Star

BEACH: 5/5 Star


The above images show the view of Kata’s beach at Phuket. Now images are showing the nightlife at Kata’s beach.

Little Town With Two Great Beaches

This beach is the liveliest beach, and it is particularly favorite for the visitors visiting the month from

May to November and for the student divers who likes to explore their self. It is the perfect place of fun for the families and also the couples traveling with the children. The variety of attraction around this beach is the answer to the question of where to stay in Phuket. Also look at the below video for the further selection of the right place.

3. Phuket Town

We can know this city by the ratings first.

RELAX: 2/5 Star

PARTY: 2/5 Star



One of the largest urban area of the island and provincial capital of the island, unique attractions, restaurants, narrow streets, boutique shops are filled here in Phuket town. This is the perfect location for the visitors who want each day of their holiday to be different and filled with new experiences. Phuket town is the right place to get the experience of the “real Thailand” on the island.

Below video link shows the Phuket city:

For whom it is for:

  • Local food lovers
  • People interested in history and culture.​
  • People fond of market shopping.

4. Surin Beach

This beach is known for its remarkable beauty. It has a peaceful cosmopolitan stay, with the small town home to the variety of boutique shops and high-end stores. The ratings for this beach are:

RELAX: 5/5 Star

PARTY: 1/5 Star



This place is right for:

  • Celebrity spotters.
  • People seeking for relaxation.​
  • Bullet Point 2

Image for the Surin beach:

Surin Beach

What’s good about this beach?

  • Trendy shopping style.
  • Sundowner spot.​
  • Best spots from May to November

The videos showing the beach view:

5. Nai Harn Beach

This beach is famous for snorkeling and diving and peaceful environment. It is for the beach and nature lovers and snorkelers. The rating table for this place is:

RELAX: 4/5 Star

PARTY: 0/5 Star



Nai Harn beach is the best place for enjoying a relaxing stay with natural surroundings without being isolated. This is the most popular place for locals because it is in a narrow, hill-lined cove, and there is not much space for many hotels here. The area has a steady pace with some great local restaurants any very restaurants and shops. The images of this beach are:

Nai Harn Beach

There is a quick tour video shown for Nai Harn beach:

Wrap Up

We can summarize this article the best place to stay in Phuket is staying near Kata’s beach because this is the place where every member of the family will relish and enjoy the beauty and richness of this location. This is the place which is divided into focal areas resulting to several resorts. So this place would be the premium place for the confusion of where to stay in Phuket? How to get to Phuket from Bangkok is a very big question but it is very easy nowadays for traveling from one place to another.

This article aims to help you, visitors, to find a perfect and excellent accommodation in Phuket and make your vacation the most memorable and relaxing vacation. Top 5 places of Phuket are described here along with the ratings, advantages, and disadvantages of the particular location.

If you choose the right place that matches your need and preferences, then it is assured to have the fantastic holiday. And is suppose, you want a wrong place then it would make your vacation a miserable one.

Hope you got the reply to the confusion of where to stay in Phuket? You can share this article with the number of people and can make someone’s vacation very special. Your comments are always valuable and appreciated so, and please do ask for any further queries or question. I would be glad to help you out.

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