Why Is Good Marksmanship Important?

There is always that person in a group who makes the rest of us jealous. I am not talking about the guy with the coolest car or the one who always has the latest electronic gadgets. It is that group member who will always hit the target regardless of the conditions or the state of the target.

This particular guy can pick up any weapon, do some regular sighting and the bullet is buried deep within the target. No matter the conditions, this particular person makes the hardest shot seem the easiest. Have you ever asked yourself why or how these guys achieve it?

Well, the answer isn’t as hard as you might be imagining. This marksman simply plays by the rules and principals of marksmanship either subconsciously or consciously. That is simply the answer to the question on why marksmanship is important.

If you are a hunter, you must be using a rifle for your hunting escapades. Nonetheless, regardless of your weapon of choice, whether a shotgun, rifle or pistol, the core idea of marksmanship is standard. The basic idea of marksmanship is universal even to those hunters using bows.

Why Do You Need Marksmanship?

Just a recap, marksmanship is the ability to always hit the target, and in this case, it is a duck, goose or hog. This skill is critical for two reasons.


If you are sure that you will hit the target, you have the confidence. When you are aware that your shots are always accurate, you don’t have to waste precious time thinking of where to shoot. Instead, you will have the time to concentrate on the target and determine whether the shot is safe or not.

To make clean kills

As a hunter, your mind should be on bringing down that elk or turkey with a clean kill. For this, to possible the shot has to be clean and quick. As a good hunter, you have to practice marksmanship until your shots are accurate and consistent.

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Shooting is not just pulling the trigger. It combines getting the correct ammunition, unloading and loading a firearm and also marksmanship. It can be difficult for beginners to learn the skills. It will take time practice and time to become an exemplary shooter. If your dream is to become a celebrated hunter, you have no choice but practice these skills.

If you are just a learner, way not contact a local firearm instructor to help you out with your gun. It would even be a better to join a shooting club so that you can horn your skills on a regular basis.

If you are a shotgun owner, try exercising with skeet or shooting trap. In case you are a rifle shooter practice on shooting on targets. Practicing is the best way to ensure that these skills are embedded deep within you.

Now That You Know That Marksmanship Is Important, What Can You Do To Increase Your Marksmanship?

Well, there are several things you can do, but I am going to narrow down to the most basic ones. If you can master these skills, then you will be on your way to becoming that envied marksman in your hunting group. I can’t wait to see you become the envy of your hunting group.

Consistency: The Key to Success

Any person with some hunting experiences will tell you that consistency is very important when it comes to marksmanship. You have to do the same thing all the time. This allows you to discover mistakes you might be doing every time you take a shot then be able to correct them.

Practicing and learning the ideas of marksmanship while shooting will eventually increase your accuracy when it comes to bringing that hog down. Having a record of ammunition used, scope corrections, clothing worn and the weather conditions are very critical to maintain consistency.

The point here is, if you practice the skills of marksmanship while wearing a short and a t-shirt then go hunting while wearing a parka in snow pants your aim accuracy and even stock weld is going to change.

Beware that even the smallest detail could affect your consistency and accuracy. If you want to dethrone the lion as the king of the jungle, you have to be consistent every time you shoot.

Stance: The Foundation

As much as consistency is the key to success, don’t forget that the body position or the stance is the foundation of marksmanship. Just like when a house is being built, the foundation defines everything else that follows.

There are four basic positions for shootings.

  • Kneeling
  • Standing
  • Sitting
  • Prone

Each and every of these positions comes with its advantages and disadvantages.

Apart from just knowing the best positions for your hunting, it is crucial that you learn and practice each of them. However, I understand that many of us are challenged by injuries, old age, and environment. When that moment comes, when you finally have the shot of your life, you have to be quick and accurate.

By learning and practicing these positions, you will be equipped with skills that will make it easy to fire the shot smoothly and efficiently. Understanding how your body feels when on each position and identifying the most comfortable position could mean the difference between goose soup and no goose soup.


If you ask any hunter, the goal of hunting is to enjoy nature, have some fun and most importantly put some game meat on the table. Every tool you add in your hunting pouch or brain will increase the chances of you bagging the duck or turkey. The better you can shoot, the more the confidence you can harness on the hunting grounds.

Hopefully, this article will help you increase your skills of marks marksmanship.If you like our content, come back here for more and make sure that you share the tips you’re your friends. Until next time, I would like to wish you safe hunting.

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